Compact and precise piezo stages


Piezo stages and drivers.
Compact and precise!

    Xeryon offers compact and precise piezo stages. Both as a standard product and as fully custom multi-DOF motion systems. Our stages are state-of-the-art and based on the ultrasonic drive principle. This drive principle enables noiseless motion combined with nanometric accuracy and high velocity. These advantages, together with a long lifetime, makes our piezo stages the best choice in many applications. Please contact us for more information.

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15.11-16.11.2017 Precision Fair Veldhoven, The Netherlands   details

Visit us at the Precision Fair in Veldhoven (The Netherlands), 15 - 16 November 2017


Experts in piezo and precision technology!

    Xeryon, founded in 2013, is an innovative high-tech company located in Leuven (Belgium). We are experts in piezo & precision technology. Our expertise originates from many years of research at the University of Leuven. We develop and produce state-of-the-art piezo stages for the toughest applications and environments, such as vacuum and high-magnetic loads. Please contact us for all your piezo- and precision related questions!

We offer
  • Piezo driven micro- and nanopositioning systems
  • Piezo motors and piezo actuators
  • Fully integrated piezo solutions according to your requirements
  • Material science
  • Microscopy & metrology
  • Optics & photonics
  • Synchrotron-related applications
  • Medical applications
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Life science & biotechnology


Ultrasonic nanopositioners and piezomotors

    Our motion technology is based on the ultrasonic drive principle. This enables noisseless linear and rotary motion with nanometere resolution and an unlimited travel range. The adavantages of our ultrasonic drive principle, over other piezo drive principles such as stick-slip and stepping motion, are:

  • Nanometre resolution
  • Noiseless
  • Fast (up to several 100 mm/s) and constant tracking speed of several nm/s
  • Longer lifetime (10 times and more)
  • Vacuum compatible and suitable for operation under strong magnetic fields
  • Unlimited travel range (linear and rotary)
  • Static holding force (self-locking)
  • Compact


Shape the future of precision together with us!

    As we are active in a very challenging and high-tech market with the highest precision demands, we are constantly looking for talented and motivated people. Do you want to shape the future of precision together with us? Then apply at one of our open vacancies or send us your CV as a spontaneous solicitation.

Control engineer

For the control of our piezo stages, we are looking for a dynamic (m/f) control engineer. A description of this vacancy can be found here. Please contact us for more information or send your CV.

Electronics engineer

For the development of our piezo drivers, we are currently looking for a dynamic (m/f) electronics engineer. A description (in dutch) of this vacancy can be found here. Please contact us for more information or send your CV.



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