Compact and precise piezo stages


Piezo stages.
Compact and precise!

    Xeryon offers compact and precise piezo stages. Our standard stages are unique because of the ultrasonic drive principle, which we developed based on twenty years of research on the University of Leuven (Belgium). Our ultrasonic drive principle distinguishes itself from other drive principles by following advantages: precise, dynamic, noiseless, constant scanning speed, low disturbance, compact and energy efficient. In addition, piezo stages have a static holding force when powered off, are vacuum compatible, non-magnetic and can even be used in cryogenic environments. We also create dedicated piezo stages to fulfil your requirements. In this we are not limited to ultrasonic piezo stages. Our stages can be combined to multi-axis motion solutions for a variety of applications. Please contact us for more information.

Trade fairs

We are constantly innovating and developing new products...
Visit us at one of the following trade fairs to experience our technology!
Upcoming trade fairs
09.05-12.05.2017 Control messe Stuttgart, Germany Booth 4524   details
26.06-29.06.2017 Laser world of Photonics München, Germany Booth B3.451   details
15.11-16.11.2017 Precisiebeurs Veldhoven, The Netherlands   details


Experts in piezo and precision technology!

    Xeryon, founded in 2013, is an innovative high-tech company located in Leuven (Belgium). We at Xeryon are specialists in piezo & precision technology, based on many years of research at the University of Leuven. We develop and produce piezo stages for the toughest precision applications and environments, such as vacuum and high-magnetic loads. Please contact us for all your piezo- and precision related questions!

We offer
  • Piezo driven micro- and nanopositioning systems
  • Piezo motors and piezo actuators
  • Fully integrated piezo solutions according to your requirements
  • Material science
  • Microscopy & metrology
  • Optics & photonics
  • Synchrotron-related applications
  • Medical applications
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Life science & biotechnology

Precision Fair 2016


Xeryon's third participation in the yearly Precision Fair was a nice reunion with a lot of familiar faces in the fascinating world of precision engineering. We showed our novel XRTU rotary stage, which gained a lot of interest. Many new contacts were made with challenging questions. See you next year Precision Fair!

Novel rotary stage launched: XRT-U


At 08.10.2016, we launched the XRT-U, a novel piezoelectric rotary stage. The XRT-U is an ultra-precise rotary stage with an error motion (also called runout) smaller than 1 micrometre. The stage has a load capacity bigger than 10 N and is driven by an ultrasonic piezomotor, achieving very high velocities (up to 3 rev/s). This makes the XRT-U a state-of-the-art positioning system for vacuum and non-magnetic applications such as micro and nano-CT scanners, X-ray diffraction systems, electron microscopes and synchrotron applications.

Control messe 2016


For the first time, Xeryon had a booth on the Control messe in Stuttgart (Germany). We met many new people with a lot of interesting and challenging questions and conversations. The positive feedback we received during the fair gives us the strength to continue our work. Hopefully this results in a lot of new products which we can show during the next edition in 2017.


Shape the future of precision together with us!

    As we are active in a very challenging and high-tech market with the highest precision demands, we are constantly looking for talented and motivated people. Do you want to shape the future of precision together with us? Then apply at one of our open vacancies or send us your CV as a spontaneous solicitation.

Control engineer

For the control of our piezo stages, we are looking for a dynamic (m/f) control engineer. A description of this vacancy can be found here. Please contact us for more information or send us your CV.



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