Precision stages for Automation

High production rates

When you automate a process, your goal is to gain time and precision; you need a fast motion system, without compromising on precision. Xeryon precision stages move at the highest speeds in the market. Thanks to the patented Crossfixx™ system, velocities up to 200mm/s and 2 rotations per second are achieved. Maximise the throughput of your assembly line, your quality control checkpoint or your tool positioning. A Xeryon precision microstage gives you the fastest micro-positioning system possible.

Real manipulation projects

Xeryon makes linear piezo stages with travel distances up to 100mm, allowing you to create real assembly and production setups. Most other piezo systems are limited to very small distances of a few millimetres, making them unsuitable for real automation projects.

Precise motion means production quality

Your products get smaller and smaller. The production and assembly requirements get more and more precise. Xeryon offers rotation and linear stages in a range of precisions, going from micrometre to below 100nm precision. With our precision stages you can be sure of high repeatability at the best possible resolution.

Man/machine cooperation

In the factory or in interactions between robots and humans, easy manual positioning should be possible. Classic positioning systems are not suitable for manual overriding, as the transmission gears and wheels can get damaged. Xeryon’s piezo technology allows for manual positioning of grippers, assembly equipment, sensors, etc without any damage – a valuable option for additional safety, rough positioning or rapid switching to different operation modes.


Every maintenance intervention stops production and costs money. Xeryon precision stages are maintenance free, because of the absence of any moving parts except the vibrating piezo element and the moving functional part of the stage. No components that need to be replaced or lubricated. And with a functional life of more than 100km, you can use our stages for ages.


Xeryon precision stages are suitable for:
● High precision pick & place units
● Robot grippers
● Sensor positioning
● Wafer projection
● Functional beam steering