Precision stages for R&D

Fast results

Xeryon precision stages are the fastest piezo motion systems on the market, with travel velocities up to 200mm/s and rotation speeds up to 2 rotations per second. Achieve high streams of experimental data with our fast scanning option, or quickly move to a different setup without losing precious travel time. In optical experiments where you want to control a beam, you need fast movements and fast scanning. Xeryon is your partner in the fast positioning of your beams and optical equipment.

Setup flexibility

Xeryon offers the longest nanometre-precision linear stages on the market, with travel distances up to 100mm, giving you the necessary flexibility for current and future research. Our stages can be combined to create (temporary) XY and XYZ motion axis. Don’t be limited by the specification of your current experiment; buy the solution that gives you the freedom you need for your future research!

The Xeryon engineering team creates customised solutions for your specific needs. Visit our custom section for more information.

Manual override

Very often you want to quickly pre-position your motion system and fine-tune it with the piezo controller to the exact position you need. Xeryon piezo systems allow manual override without any damage to gears, wormwheels or transmissions. Take full control and adapt your setup efficiently with Xeryon rotary and linear precision stages.

Get high resolution results

Sometimes you need high precision – and sometimes you need ultimate precision. Xeryon stages offer a range of resolutions, going from 0.5µm to an impressive 78nm. Giving you the resolution you need in your research.

No vibrations

You don’t want external factors to influence your experimental data! Xeryon ultrasonic piezo stages are 100% motionless once the required position has been reached. Forget about disturbing motor vibrations influencing your measurements; our stages have an inherent holding force, which retains position thanks to mechanical tension, rather than to an electromechanical motor that can cause unwanted vibrations.


Xeryon precision rotary and linear stages are suitable for:

  • Optical experiment setups
  • Beam steering
  • Nano-precision research
  • Laser steering setups
  • Mirror positioning
  • Sample movement
  • Sensor positioning
  • Lens positioning
  • Multi-axial test setups