XLS-1 Ultimate Precision Series

Compact piezo rotation stage with small error motions.

Size: 34 x 13 mm
Travel range: 27 - 92 mm
Load capacity: < 1 kg
Resolution: 10 nm
Lifetime: > 100 km

Stage length (mm):

Vacuum (mbar):

Short cage:

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Compact & precise linear stage

The Xeryon Linear Stage (XLS) is a precise linear stage driven by a noiseless ultrasonic piezo motor. This allows fast positioning with nanometre accuracy. The self-locking piezo motor holds the position of the stage when it is not powered. As a result, energy consumption and heat generation are considerably reduced. The integrated encoder has a resolution of 10 nm.

Key features

Mechanical properties

Size: 34 x 13 mm
Travel range: 27 - 92 mm
Load capacity: < 1 kg
Blocking force: ~ 1 N
Traction force: ~ 1 N
Configuration: X, XY, XYZ


Speed: Several µm/s to 200 mm/s
Speed variation: +/- 1 % at typical scan speed
Sensor resolution: 10 nm


Compatible plug and play drivers: XD-U & XD-C
Software: windows interface and LabVIEW driver

Optional features

Vacuum capability
Specific size
Multi-DOF systems
Mounting features
Short cage


XLS-1 dimensions


Product range overview

 Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (g)Stroke (mm)Short cage stroke (mm)
XLS 40403413502728
XLS 50503413633238
XLS 60603413763748
XLS 70703413884257
XLS 808034131055062
XLS 10010034131267282
XLS 120120341315192102
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