Slightly bigger than the XRT-U-30, with a larger aperture, higher torque and a better angular resolution.

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*3N motor not available for the 30 mm variant

Encoder resolution: 73 µrad (15 arcsec or 4167 µ°)
Radial error motion: < 1 µm p-p
Axial error motion: < 0.5 µm p-p
Tilt (wobble): < 50 µrad p-p
Dimensions: 50 x 46 x 21 mm
Aperture: 12.7 mm
Load capacity: 1 kg
Vacuum or non-magnetic option
Lifetime: > 1 million rev.

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Compact & precise rotation stage

The XRT-U-40 is a compact and precise rotation stage driven by an ultrasonic piezo motor. With the XRT-U-40, you can achieve error motion values close to an air bearing rotary stage, but in a smaller volume and for a lower price.

Compared to other piezo motor technologies, an ultrasonic piezo motor ensures you a non-degrading and vibration-free precision without generating any undesired dither motion during standstill. This makes the XRT-U a state-of-the-art rotation stage for applications such as micro-CT scanners, metrology applications and vacuum and non-magnetic applications, such as electron microscopy.

Not familiar with ultrasonic piezo technology? Have a look at our evaluation kits, the perfect way to experiment with our products!

Technical information

Key features

Drive principle: patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic piezo technology
Bearings: precision ball bearings
Lifetime: > 1 million rev.

Mechanical properties

Dimensions: 50 x 46 x 21 mm
Aperture: 12.7 mm
Mass (w/o connector): 130 g
Load capacity: 1 kg
Holding torque: 10 mNm
Driving torque: 20 mNm
Stage material: stainless steel AISI316 + anodised aluminium
Cable length: 1.5 m
Connector: 1x 15-pin D-sub HD male

Motion performance (closed-loop)

Encoder type: optical, incremental
Counts per revolution: 86400
Encoder resolution:
73 µrad (15 arcsec or 4167 µ°)

Positioning resolution:
75 µrad (15 arcsec or 4300 µ°)
= min. step size
= min. incremental motion (MIM)

Bidir. repeatability:
± 150 µrad (± 30 arcsec or ± 8600 µ°)

Max. speed: 720 °/s
Min. speed: 0.008 °/s
Speed stability: 1%

Radial error motion: < 1 µm p-p
Axial error motion: < 0.5 µm p-p
Tilt (wobble): < 50 µrad p-p

Environmental compatibility

Temp. range: -20°C to +50°C
Humidity range: 20% to 90% RH (non-cond.)
Heat dissipation: < 1 W


Compatible with all Xeryon controllers.
Easy-to-use Windows interface or LabVIEW driver.
C++ and Python libraries available.


Vacuum (10-6 mbar): -HV
Non-magnetic bearings: -NM

A detailed description of the different technical terms can be found on the terminology page.
Learn more about the axes of rotation standard and error motion measurements on our technology page.


xrt-u 40 rotation stage dimensions

Error motion measurements (typical)


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