XRT-U 40 Ultra High Precision

Same specs as the original XRT-U 40 but with a better sensor, resulting in a higher angular resolution. 

Size: 50 x 45 x 23 mm
Angular resolution: 0.2 m° (3.49 µrad)
Load capacity: < 1 kg
Radial error motion*: < 1 µm
Axial error motion: < 0.5 µm
Tilt (wobble): < 50 µrad
Vacuum option: 10-6 mbar
Non-magnetic option
Lifetime: > 1 million rotations

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Compact & very precise rotation stage

The XRT-U 40 Ultra is a compact and very precise rotation stage driven by an ultrasonic piezo motor. With the XRT-U 40, you can achieve error motions comparable to an air bearing rotary stage, but in a smaller volume and for a lower price.

Compared to other piezo motor technologies, an ultrasonic piezo motor ensures you a non-degrading and vibration proof precision without generating any vibrations during standstill. This makes the XRT-U a state-of-the-art rotation stage for applications such as micro CT scanners, metrology applications and vacuum and non-magnetic applications, such as electron microscopy.

Key features

Mechanical properties

Size: 50 x 45 x 23 mm
Load capacity: 500 gr
Radial error motion*: < 1 µm
Axial error motion: < 0.5 µm
Tilt (wobble): < 50 µrad
Aperture: 10 mm
Weight: 100 gr
Driving torque: 20 Nmm
Holding torque: 10 Nmm

* Measured 7 mm above the top surface of the rotor.


Speed: From 0.008 °/s up to 3 rev/s **
Travel range: ∞
Angular resolution: 0.2m° (1.800.000 positions)


All our stages are compatible with all of our controllers.
Software: windows interface and LabVIEW driver

Optional features

Vacuum capability

Learn more about the axes of rotation standard and error motion measurements on our technology page.


xrt-u 40 rotation stage dimensions

Error motion measurements


Product videos

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