OEM Applications

You are a manufacturer and you need precision motion components in your product? Look no further: Xeryon is the perfect partner for many OEM applications. Want to know why? You can read it in our five OEM Fundamentals.

1. Easy integration

All Xeryon stages, actuators and controllers have multiple pre-drilled mounting holes for easy integration in your product. If your available design space is limited, we can drop casings, covers or other components that take up volume. One of the main advantages of our Crossfixx™ technology is the extreme flatness of the motor. With a motor thickness of 2 mm, extreme compact integrations become a walk in the park. Give us a call if you want to discuss your project with our engineering team!

2. Free customisation

Since both design and production is done in house, changes to existing designs can be easily done. Together with your design team, we create the precision motion system that fits your needs. Some parameters can be easily adapted, like travel lengths, mounting hole positions and sizes, actuator rod lengths, etc, thanks to the modular design of all our products. Other customisations may require some more engineering, but our engineering team is up for the job!

3. No overheating, no high voltages, no high currents

We know that heat management can be a real challenge if you are making a compact product. One of the big advantages of Xeryon positioning products is that they have almost no heat dissipation. This achieved by the extremely high efficiency of our patented Crossfixx™ technology that we use in all of our products. Low heat dissipation and low voltages (max 48V) allow for a tight fit, without any overheating or safety risks. Sounds like peace of mind, doesn’t it?

4. Quality system

The DNA of our company is aeronautics. That’s why we have integrated the same quality assurance principles that you find in the aerospace industry. QA on all incoming and outgoing goods, full traceability on most components, a personal link between operator and product in every manufacturing step and only use of high-end suppliers. We don’t like to take any risks, do you?  

5. Continuity assurance

Of course we know you don’t want to take any supply risks. You want to be certain that your production never misses a day because of missing components. Xeryon uses the double sourcing principles for all of its components, but also for all of its human resources. That means that if anything unforeseen happens, we can easily switch to our second source. And if that is not enough, we closely work together with partners in the same domain of expertise, that function as a tertiary safety net, in case something would go wrong. No worries: we have got things covered!