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Try our products. Not happy with what you're seeing? Sent them back within 15 days, no questions asked.

Not happy? Sent it back. It's really that simple.

Xeryon was founded by researchers, for researchers. We understand that you can only spend your research budget once. So you do not want to be stuck with the wrong equipment!

We believe that to achieve results that are worth publishing, the perfect experiment setup is crucial. So we created the Zero-Risk program.

Option 1: Free testing

You choose any precision stage and play around with it. If it is not exactly what you expected, you can just send it back within 15 days. All we need is a purchase order, but we only invoice if you keep the stage. No questions asked. Just don’t spill coffee on it.

Option 2: Free stage swap

If you want to exchange the precision stage you bought, with another Xeryon stage, you just send it back within 60 days, pay or receive the price difference and choose another model. Again, no questions asked.

Option 3: Not sure, come to the Xeryon lab

If you don’t feel comfortable first buying the stage before testing it, you are always welcome in the Xeryon factory to come and play around with our products. You can make temporary setups in our lab, use our measuring equipment, etc. It doesn’t cost you a dime and gives you the perfect excuse to taste some Belgian beers. 

Our clients love our products!

“Overall we were very happy with the Xeryon XRT-A rotation stage. We achieved less than 170 nanometer eccentricity errors over full rotations when compensating for the repeatable error, while not requiring air bearings.”
Christer Engblom
Soleil Synchrotron

“We have partnered with Xeryon for several years now. their vast experience and in-depth knowledge of micro-positioning systems has assisted us greatly in numerous custom precision positioning projects.”
Sven Pekelder
Settels savenije van amelsvoort

“Having worked with Xeryon I was particularly impressed with their deep understanding of our requirements, so I was confident their solution would meet our needs fully. I will certainly be working with them into the future.”

Bill Clement FRMS

Business Development Director

Nikon Metrology Europe
(March 2019)

“Xeryon's stages are successfully being used to improve the accuracy of advanced cancer treatments such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) by enabling accurate Electron Spin Resonance measurements of samples in magnetic fields.”

Dr. Sebastian Galer

Nuclear Physicist


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