Xeryon offers a wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of piezo actuators, piezo motors and piezo stages. We develop and produce complete turnkey solutions as well as customized piezo based micro- and nanopositioners.

This is based on more than twenty years of experience in piezo technology, precision mechanics and mechatronics. We at Xeryon have all the knowledge to provide you with the best solution when it comes to the most complex high-precision motion systems.


Technology videos

Want to learn more about our technology in a more interactive way? Watch some of our videos.

How do piezo motors work?

Piezo motors offer a range of advantages over alternatives like electro motors.

The definitive guide to ultrasonic piezo technology

Everything you need to know about ultrasonic piezo technology

Advantages of piezo technology

Overview of the different advantages of piezo technology.

Axes of rotation standard

Terminology and various tests performed in order to specify the axis-of-rotation error motion.
tilt, axial and radial error motion

Tilt, axial and radial error motion

How is tilt, axial and radial error motion measured.
ultrasonic piezo vs other motion systems

Ultrasonic piezo vs other motion systems

A brief comparison of ultrasonic piezo technology compared to other motion systems.


An overview of all available downloads regarding our ultrasonic piezo stages.
Xeryon software

Xeryon Software

Learn more about the free software that comes with all of our controllers.
Crossfixx Piezo motor

Crossfixxâ„¢ piezo motor

Learn more about our patented Crossfixxâ„¢ piezo technology.
Common misconceptions

Common misconceptions about piezomotors

In this article we try to debunk some commone misconceptions about piezomotors.

Open-loop vs closed-loop

What is open-loop vs closed-loop

Learn more about the differences between open-loop and closed-loop.
Encoder strip

Everything you need to know about position encoders

Learn everything there is to know about position encoders



An explanation of our most used terminology.