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All products are driven by ultrasonic piezo motors

rotation stage

Precision rotation stages

Compared to other piezo motor technologies, an ultrasonic piezo motor ensures you a longer lifetime, noiseless and vibration-free operation and a lower heat dissipation.

linear stages

Precision linear stages

Travel velocities of 200 mm/s can be reached, making Xeryon linear precision stages the fastest nano-precision stages on the market.

XY stage

XY, XYZ and other multi DOF

All of our stages, linear and rotary, can easily be combined into the setup of your choice.
Have a look at our XY, XTheta and XYTheta-stages.

mini linear actuators

Miniature linear actuators

A tiny piezo actuator capable of high speeds and high precision with a weight of less than 6 gram.

Z stage

Z stages (vertical movement)

The Xeryon technology makes the perfect Z stage. Check it out!



We offer a lot of interesting side products like extra cables, mounting brackets, flanges, etc.

piezo controller


All of our controllers are compatible with all of our stages. Couldn't be easier!

custom piezo positioning project

Custom positioning projects

Custom doesn't always mean expensive and complex. Have a look at some of our custom solutions. 

linear shutter

Linear shutters

Ideal for applications requiring rapid switching such as thermal imaging, laser, aerospace and scientific applications. Easy to install, easy to connect.

evaluation kits

Evaluation kits

Sure, we get it: first you want to test our equipment. We offer an evaluation kit for most products. They contain all components you need to make a torough evaluation, without spending crazy amounts of money!


Xeryon Software

Downloads and documentation for our various Xeryon software and libraries.

Why do we use ultrasonic piezo motors in our stages?

 Very small

Piezo motors are the most compact drive systems available.

Long lifetime

In contrast with stick-slip piezo, ultrasonic piezo motors last forever.


1000 mm/s, in comparison with 5 mm/s in traditional piezo motors. Say no more!


We have an entry-model for each product. Ask us about it.

Precise motion

No technology is more suitable for high precision than piezo motors.

Mechanical lock

In position, our stages are mechanically locked (even without power). No more vibrations!

Confused about the terminology? We have the most transparent spec sheets on the market!

About us

Born out of the prestigious research group Micro & Precision Engineering of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium, Xeryon was founded by three researchers in 2013.

Xeryon always kept a strong focus on ultrasonic piezo stages, the only noiseless piezo technology that allows high velocities and longer travel with a nanometer precision. Xeryon has a patent on its Crossfixx motor, the fastest piezo motor in the world.

Today Xeryon serves research, industrial and medical customers worldwide, with an extended portfolio of rotation and linear stages, enabling them to create accurate test setups and reliable OEM equipment.

Engineering, production and quality control is done in house by our team of 10 specialized engineers, in the city of Leuven in Belgium, at 25km of Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

Xeryon office

"Ultrasonic piezo technology has long been too complex and expensive for many clients, forcing them to stick to traditional electromagnetic drive systems. It is our mission to make this amazing technology available and accessible to all industries"

Jan Peirs, PhD

Xeryon CEO & Founder

Applied Industries

Our clients love our products

“Overall we were very happy with the Xeryon XRT-A rotation stage. We achieved less than 170 nanometer eccentricity errors over full rotations when compensating for the repeatable error, while not requiring air bearings.”
Christer Engblom
Soleil Synchrotron

“We have partnered with Xeryon for several years now. their vast experience and in-depth knowledge of micro-positioning systems has assisted us greatly in numerous custom precision positioning projects.”
Sven Pekelder
Settels savenije van amelsvoort

“Having worked with Xeryon I was particularly impressed with their deep understanding of our requirements, so I was confident their solution would meet our needs fully. I will certainly be working with them into the future.”

Bill Clement FRMS

Business Development Director

Nikon Metrology Europe
(March 2019)

“Xeryon's stages are successfully being used to improve the accuracy of advanced cancer treatments such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) by enabling accurate Electron Spin Resonance measurements of samples in magnetic fields.”

Dr. Sebastian Galer

Nuclear Physicist