Compact. Precise. Durable.

At Xeryon we create motion products that are driven by ultrasonic piezo motors.

Ultrasonic piezo motors are small, fast and precise. Compared to linear motors, they are much smaller and self locking. Compared to ball screw actuators they are smaller and faster. And compared to other kinds of piezo motors, they are hundreds of times faster and durable.

We believe that ultrasonic piezo motors are the future.


Ultrasonic piezo stages, actuators & motors

High-speed piezo motion products with submicron precision. Ultra-compact, long strokes, noiseless, efficient and low operating voltages.

Lead time just 1 - 2 weeks for most products. Evaluation kits available for all of our products.

Controllers, accessories & more

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About us

Born out of the prestigious research group Micro & Precision Engineering of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium, Xeryon was founded by three researchers in 2013.

Xeryon always kept a strong focus on ultrasonic piezo products, the only noiseless piezo technology that allows high velocities and longer travel with a nanometer precision. Xeryon has a patent on its Crossfixx motor, the fastest piezo motor in the world.

Today Xeryon serves medical, industrial and scientific customers worldwide, with an extended portfolio of piezo stages, actuators and motors, enabling them to create reliable OEM equipment and test setups.

All engineering, manufacturing and quality control is done in-house by our team of 30 specialists, in the city of Leuven in Belgium, at 25 km from Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

After gaining widespread recognition in Europe, Xeryon now also has strong customer bases in North America and Asia.

Xeryon office

"Ultrasonic piezo technology has long been too complex and expensive for many clients, forcing them to stick to traditional electromagnetic drive systems. It is our mission to make this amazing technology available and accessible to all industries"

Applied Industries

1 - 2 weeks lead time for most products!