Scientific research

Xeryon was founded by three researchers as a spin off from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium. Scientific research is and has alwasy been a strong part of our company DNA, so we feel right at home with boundary-pushing research applications.

We understand that you need precise and repeatable results, and that you have only one budget for that.

Our high-speed piezo stages and actuators are used in a wide range of research applications, including materials, imaging, medical & bioscience.


Research applications

  • Optical experiment setups

  • SEM sample positioning

  • Eye research equipment

  • Cell injection equipment

  • Synchotrons, cyclotrons & beamlines

  • Sample collection, analysis & manipulation

  • 3D & landscape scanning

  • And many more...

Piezo actuators and stages for scientific research
Beamline piezo stage

Beamline using a Xeryon stage

Reliable results

Xeryon's precision motion systems, featuring a simplified design with a piezo element and a moving component, offer unmatched reliability and precision for critical tasks in analytical and medical settings without the risk of failure from complex parts.

Speed and flexibility

Xeryon offers the market's fastest piezo stages with speeds up to 400 mm/s, alongside the longest nano-precision stages with travel ranges over 100 mm, giving you coarse and fine positioning in one. In addition, all of our stages can be easily combined into multi-axis setups.

No dither using standstill

Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo motion systems hold their position without power due to mechanical tension, ensuring stability and eliminating vibration risks. This design offers precise, energy-efficient operation without the disturbances common in other technologies.

Vacuum compatible & non-magnetic stages

Xeryon's stages are naturally very suitable for environments in which vacuum and magnetism play a role. The ultrasonic piezo motor that drives all of our products, generates very little heat and does not produce a magnetic field.

In addition, Xeryon's stages are available as special vacuum-compatible and non-magnetic variants.

For vacuum applications, we offer both high vacuum (HV, 10-6 mbar) and ultra high vacuum (UHV, 10-9 mbar) options.

A quick word about non-magnetic versions:

1. Xeryon stages do not generate a magnetic field, thanks to the absence of copper windings or magnets.
2. Xeryon stages can be made without any ferromagnetic materials, making them usable in magnetic fields up to 10T  ('Full non-magnetic' option).

For fluctuating magnetic fields, we offer reinforced PEEK plates in order to minimize unwanted eddy current formation.

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