Take a look at our high precision stages and actuators

“Having worked with Xeryon I was particularly impressed with their deep understanding of our requirements, so I was confident their solution would meet our needs fully. I will certainly be working with them into the future.”

Bill Clement FRMS, Business Development Director, Nikon Metrology Europe (March 2019)

1 - 2 weeks leadtime for most products !
linear stages

Precision linear stages

Travel velocities of 200 mm/s can be reached, making Xeryon linear precision stages the fastest nano-precision stages on the market.

rotation stage

Precision rotation stages

Compared to other piezo motor technologies, an ultrasonic piezo motor ensures you a longer lifetime, noiseless and vibration-free operation and a lower heat dissipation.

mini linear actuators

Miniature linear actuators

A tiny piezo actuator capable of high speeds and high precision with a weight of less than 6 gram.

Motion unit

Motor only

Meet the XUMU-series, the world’s fastest ultrasonic motor (with integrated controller!).

XY stage

XY, XYZ and other multi DOF

All of our stages, linear and rotary, can easily be combined into the setup of your choice.
Have a look at our XY, XTheta and XYTheta-stages.

Z stage

Vertical stages

Find the perfect vertical stage for your needs!

linear shutter

Linear shutters

Ideal for applications requiring rapid switching such as thermal imaging, laser, aerospace and scientific applications. Easy to install, easy to connect.



We offer a lot of interesting side products like extra cables, mounting brackets, flanges, etc.

piezo controller


All of our controllers are compatible with all of our stages. Couldn't be easier!

custom piezo positioning project

Custom positioning projects

Custom doesn't always mean expensive and complex. Have a look at some of our custom solutions. 


Xeryon Software

Downloads and documentation for our various Xeryon software and libraries.

evaluation kits

Evaluation kits

We offer an evaluation kit for most products. They contain all components you need to make a thorough evaluation, without spending crazy amounts of money!