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rotation stage

Rotation Stages

Compared to other piezo motor technologies, an ultrasonic piezo motor, ensures you a longer lifetime, noiseless operation and a lower energy consumption.

linear stages

Linear Stages

Travel velocities of 200mm/s can be reached, making Xeryon linear precision stages the fastest nano-precision stages on the market.
XY stage

XY Stages

The XY-XLS consists of two XLS stages stacked on top of each other without the use of an extra adapter plate.

linear shutter

Linear Shutters

Ideal for applications requiring rapid switching such as thermal imaging, laser, aerospace and scientific applications.

piezo controller


Our plug and play controllers are designed for the closed loop control of Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo motors and stages.
custom piezo positioning project

Custom Positioning Projects

Custom non-magnetic multi-axis piezo stage consisting of a linear stage with a lift force of 3 N and our XRT-A piezo rotary stage.