Piezo shutters

Xeryon has a history of developing custom piezo shutters for industrial camera systems. We kept our universal linear shutter in our standard product offering, but many customisation options are possible.

The known advantages of Xeryon piezo systems bring huge value to our shutter technology. The piezo motor is extremely lightweight and small, significantly reducing the weight of your final product. And don’t worry about moving components failing on you. In our shutters, there are only two moving parts: the vibrating piezo motor (ultrasonic >120kHz) and the shutter itself. No gears, no wheels, no reduction components that are susceptible to wear and degradation. Our systems can withstand shocks up to 10g, making them able to handle even rocket engine vibrations during satellite launches.

Full control is what you get, even from a million miles away. Xeryon motion systems allow software tuning of the motor from a distance, giving you the ultimate flexibility to respond to changing conditions or adapted needs. Almost all factory parameters influencing the moving behaviour – voltages, frequencies and precision movement specs – can be changed at any moment. Ask our engineering team for more information on the distance control of Xeryon piezo shutter solutions.

The ultrasonic vibration spectrum minimises the sound or vibration influences which are often experienced in electromagnetic drive systems. And once the shutter has opened or closed, the system is self-locking without any power consumption: mechanical tension keeps the shutter in place, eliminating the vibrations suffered by other motion systems, but also eliminating any mechanical systems.

The Xeryon patented Crossfixx™ technology makes our shutters very fast, with speeds up to 100mm/s, fully exposing the camera in the blink of an eye. Check the video below to see the impressive opening and closing speeds of the Xeryon standard shutter.

The Xeryon piezo motor can be integrated in your own designed shutter systems. Contact our engineering department to hear more about these great customisation options. More information can be found in the custom projects section.