Custom Positioning Projects

Complex motion systems. Turning ideas into reality.

Xeryon provides you with a custom solution. With more than 20 years of experience in piezo technology, precision mechanics and mechatronics, we can turn your ideas into reality. We can make the design, offer you a prototype or even organise the complete production of your setup. 

Just give us a call to talk about your project. 

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Non-magnetic multi-axis piezo stage

Custom non-magnetic multi-axis piezo stage consisting of a linear stage with a lift force of 3 N and our XRT-A piezo rotary stage.


Gimball stage

Compact gimbal stage, made of two XRT-U rotary stages, for metrology, optics and photonics applications.


Amplified piezo actuators

Xeryon's amplified piezo actuators consist of a single piezo stack mounted in a flexure mount. The flexure mount acts as a lever arm that amplifies the free stroke displacement of the piezo stack. This results in an ultra-precise and compact actuator that combines the advantages of a single piezo stack with a large displacement.

Our piezo actuators can be tailor-made as well as integrated in a flexure stage according to your requirements.