Precision stages for ophthalmology equipment

When creating ophthalmology equipment, you need absolute control and absolute precision. Xeryon precision stages are the perfect platform to deliver state-of-the-art eye examination equipment. Our stages are used for lens positioning, fast filter changes and prism rotations.

Xeryon offers a range of precision stages, from 0.5µm to an impressive 78nm. These resolutions, much smaller than any human cell, give you full control over any stepless repositioning during examinations.

And there’s none of that annoying screeching noise typical of many piezo microstages, so the patient and the doctor won’t be disturbed. Thanks to the patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic technology used in Xeryon precision stages, our motion systems are absolutely noiseless.

Existing systems on the market don’t allow manual override, as this puts huge force on the internal reduction and transmission components. With Xeryon ultrasonic technology, however, manual pre-positioning is no problem at all. Slide or rotate the stage to the position you like, and let the piezo motor do the rest. Or even override a moving system; the Xeryon technology can take it!

Don’t let your products be limited by the stroke lengths of the motion systems. Most piezo motion systems on the market are only available for short strokes, but the Xeryon range goes up to travel ranges of 100mm, widening the number of possible applications easily.

Contact the Xeryon engineering team to learn more about the long stroke lengths and the custom projects we offer to drive your eye examination equipment to the next level!