Precision stages for robots

An essential skill of robots is their ability to interact with the real world. Motion and drive systems are essential to allow robots to move and to manipulate physical objects. Mechanical grippers, tool positioning and sensor motion are some examples of manipulation tasks. For today’s high-precision motion challenges, Xeryon precision stages and custom precision motion projects are our answer to this growing need.

Robotic manipulation needs to be fast and exact. The Xeryon Crossfixx™ technology enables speeds of up to 200mm/s, making your robot applications the most effective on the market. Combine those speeds with motion precisions ranging from 0.5µm to 78nm, and you know you are in full control. Our motion systems allow robots to perform extremely delicate tasks, like sample collection, detailed mechanical work and medical interventions.

The software can limit the force exerted, to allow precision gripping without damaging the physical objects, no matter how delicate. The ultrasonic piezo technology allows all movements to be overridden by external forces, like human intervention, without damaging the positioning system. This feature is useful to allow manual pre-positioning during the robot training phase, or whilst in operation to give extra flexibility. If your safety rules require a mandatory human override capability, Xeryon robotic motion systems are exactly what you need.

Robotics needs compact, agile designs. Our range of motion systems is extremely compact and lightweight. The absence of any moving parts, except for the vibrating piezo element and the functional moving component, gives the ultimate simplicity. No gears, wormwheels, or reduction components that are heavy and fragile. Only one very small component, weighing a couple of grams and sturdy as a rock; that is the Xeryon Crossfixx™ technology used in our standard or custom robot motion systems.