Common misconceptions about piezomotors

Piezomotors are not new. The first models were created more than 50 years ago. But because of some flaws in the early days and confusion with other technologies, we come across some hard to eradicate misconceptions. Below we try to defuse some of them.

Piezomotors make a lot of noise

This was true for the traditional stick-slip models. In Xeryon we use ultrasonic piezomotors, which are inaudible.

Piezomotors are slow

Again this is true for stick-slip piezo motors, but not for ultrasonic piezo that can reach travel speeds of 200 mm/s and more.

Piezostages are expensive

They used to be. Today we sell stages of less than 1000€ with a precision level of 1.25µ!

They are not suitable for humid environments

All of our stages can be foreseen with a special coating, allowing to be used in humid environments like incubators, etc

Piezomotors use high voltages

The highest voltages we use are 48V. Not really high voltage is it?

Overheating issues in vacuum

Our stages run hours on hours in vacuum chambers. We have not experienced any overheating issues.

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