Precision stages for materials research

Xeryon was founded by academic researchers. We know that you need results that can be published. We understand that you only have one research budget.

Fast results

Xeryon precision stages are the fastest precision motion piezo stages on the market, with travel velocities up to 200mm/s (check out our precision linear stages) and rotation speeds up to 2 rotations per second (check out our precision rotary stages). Achieve high images troughput, use fast scanning, on-the-fly imaging and move back to previous data points fast and accurate, thanks to our high repeatability performance.

Setup flexibility

Xeryon offers the longest nanometre-precision linear stages on the market, with travel distances up to 100mm, giving you the necessary flexibility for current and future projects. Our stages can be combined to create (temporary) XY, XYZ and XY-Theta motion setups. Don’t be limited by the specification of your current experiment; buy the solution that gives you the freedom you need for your future research!

The Xeryon engineering team creates customised brackets and setups for your specific needs. Visit our custom section for more information.

XY theta configuration

Get repeatable results

Sometimes you need high precision – and sometimes you need ultimate precision. Xeryon stages offer a range of encoder resolutions, going from 1.25µm to an impressive 1nm, allowing the best repeatibility specs on the market.

No disturbing vibrations

Controlling the Crossfixx™ motor
Mechanical motor locking

You don’t want external factors to influence your experimental data! Xeryon ultrasonic piezo stages are 100% motionless once the required position has been reached, thanks to the mechanical locking of the motor. Want to know more on how the blocking system works? Read this.

But also forget about disturbing motor vibrations and noises during movement of the stage. Our stages vibrate around 166kHz during movement, staying far away from the (mechanical) bandwith of most devices.


Xeryon precision rotary and linear stages are suitable for:

  • Optical experiment setups
  • SEM sample positioning
  • Beam steering
  • Nano-precision research
  • Laser steering setups
  • Mirror positioning
  • Sample movement
  • Sensor positioning
  • Lens positioning
  • Multi-axial test setups