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Precision rotation stages

Miniature, high-precision motorized rotation stages with high speed, direct drive piezo technology.

The majority of our rotation stages.
Fast, silent and highly durable.

Piezo rotation stages
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Our smallest rotation stage.
Great circular error motion, but slower than ultrasonic.

XY stage
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Lead time just 1 - 2 weeks for most products. Evaluation kits available for all of our products.


Piezo rotation stages by Xeryon

Xeryon offers various piezo-driven motorized precision rotation stages. The error motion of these high-speed rotation stages is exceptionally small in the radial, axial and tilt direction. This makes our stages the most precise piezo rotation stage on the market. The rotation angle is unlimited and can be controlled via the integrated optical encoder. This ensures an accurate closed-loop resolution and low repeatability.

You can choose between a stick-slip driven rotation stage (XRT-A) and an ultrasonic driven rotation stage (XRT-U). All our motorized rotation stages are direct drive, meaning there are no gears or other transmission components. Each one can be customized for your custom rotary stage needs and ordered for use in vacuum applications and/or made from non-magnetic materials.

Learn more about the terminology and various tests performed in order to specify the axis-of-rotation error motion of our motorized piezo rotary stages on our technology page.

Piezo rotation stage