Precision linear stages

Compact and precise linear piezo stages. Easy to install, easy to operate.

Xeryon offers a range of precision linear stages in different lengths and with many additional options. With travel ranges up to 100 mm, the number of possible applications is endless. Thanks to the patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic piezo technology, travel velocities of 200 mm/s can be reached, making Xeryon precision linear stages the fastest precision stages on the market. Xeryon linear stages are perfectly fit for scanning setups, providing constant scanning speed with a speed stability of less than 2%.

All of our stages are easy to install and intuitive to use. Connect the stage to the controller and move to the desired position by using our software or by guiding with our separate manual controls.

Xeryon offers different levels of precision, from our Original series with a resolution of 1.25 µm, up to our Ultimate series with a resolution of 1 nm. For each model, additional options are available – for example, high vacuum compatibility, making the stage the perfect solution for your SEM or your vacuum chamber. With the optional extra small cage, we can get even more travel distance from our stages, driving the volume-to-stroke ratio to the limit.

We have 4 precision levels:

All of our precision linear stages are driven by an ultrasonic piezo motor

xls-1 original precision linear stage

Original series: 1.25 µm

Encoder: 1.25 µm inductive
Travel ranges: 27 - 102 mm

xls-1 high precision linear stage

High-precision series: 312 nm

Encoder: 312 nm inductive
Travel ranges: 27 - 102 mm

xls-1 ultra precision linear stage

Ultra-precision series: 78 nm

Encoder: 78 nm optical
Travel ranges: 27 - 102 mm

xls-1 ultimate precision linear stage

Ultimate series: 1 nm

Encoder: 1 nm optical
Travel ranges: 27 - 102 mm

Looking for something else?

Perhaps the following products might interest you

xls-1 ultra precision linear stage

Ultra compact actuator

Drive principle: ultrasonic piezo
Open loop and closed loop
Stroke length: 5 - 200 mm

xls-1 ultimate precision linear stage

XY stage

All of our linear stages can be combined into an XY setup with 4 screws!

Of course, Xeryon linear precision linear stages also benefit from the same advantages as our rotary stages. Thanks to our Crossfixx™ technology, the stages are self-locking when in position, without any vibrations or energy consumption. The ultrasonic technology prevents the typical unpleasant sounds associated with most piezo motion systems, rendering ours completely silent.

All of our precision stages (rotary and linear) can be combined to create an axes configuration that suits your needs. The stages are easily mountable and custom brackets can be made if needed.

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our standard product range, contact our engineering department for customised solutions. Check our custom project section for more information.