Linear piezo motorPiezo linear motor

Linear piezo motors

Xeryon develops ultra-compact linear piezo motors based on our patented ultrasonic piezo technology.

Compared to other types of linear piezo motors, our XLA actuator offers high-speed, is capable of a long stroke length and lasts longer than 20 million cycles or 1000 kilometers.

Ultrasonic linear piezo motors vs. alternatives

Compared to most traditional motion systems, Xeryon's ultrasonic XLA is:

  • Very compact (starting at mass of just 5 grams).
  • Very fast (speeds over 1000 mm/s).
  • Highly precise (reliable micro- and nanometer positioning).
  • Offer a long stroke (up to 300 mm).
  • Offer a long lifetime (over 20 million cycles or 1000 kilometers.
  • Can be fitted with an integrated controller.

Compared to other piezoelectric linear motors, such as stick-slip motors and walking or stepping piezo motors, Xeryon's XLA is:

  • Much faster (1000 mm/s instead of < 50 mm/s).
  • Much more versatile (travel range of 300 mm compared to < 50 mm).
  • Slightly less precise.
  • Offers a much longer lifetime (over 1000 km compared to +/- 50 km of linear stick-slip piezo motors and piezo stepper motors).
  • Does not require an integrated encoder.

Additional benefits of Xeryon's piezo linear motors:

  • Very compact (starting at a width of just 5 mm).
  • Available in driving forces of 1N, 3N, 5N and 10N.
  • Capable of slow and constant scanning speeds.
  • Low power consumption (< 5W).
  • Low, safety voltage (< 48V).
  • Self-locking, meaning no power required to hold linear motor position).
  • Low heat dissipation.
  • No loss of accuracy over time (no wear-induced play).
  • No magnetic field generation.
  • Back-driveable without affecting lifetime (manual override).

The XLA miniature linear actuators operate at frequencies above 100 kHz, meaning they are inaudible for humans and therefore operate in silence. Unlike traditional actuators that create audible noise, our quiet linear actuators provide a silent solution, essential in settings where noise is a concern.

Typical applications of linear piezo motors

Our linear piezo motors are typically used in space-constrained designs where accuracy, speed, travel range, portability and / or lifetime are of importance.

  • Medical devices such as automated liquid dispensing, diagnostic imaging equipment and adjustable optics.
  • Laboratory equipment such as sample handling, preparation and analysis.
  • Industrial automation applications such as pick & place systems in semiconductor manufacturing.

For full product specifications and other information, please visit the XLA page.


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