Miniature linear actuators

A miniature linear actuator with sub-micron precision, high speed and a large travel range? We can only be talking about Xeryon's XLA.

Powered by our patented ultrasonic motors, these micro linear actuators are extremely versatile and reliable, making them suitable for the most demanding industrial, medical and research applications.

Available with position feedback, without position feedback and hybrid position control.

Miniature linear actuator

Micro linear actuators with position feedback

Micro linear actuator

At this size, there is no actuator that compares to the XLA. How it works.

Width:5.4 ... 11.5 mm
Mass:5.5 ... 85.6 g
Travel range:5 ... 290 mm
Precision:50 µm ... 78 nm
Max. speed:400 ... 1000 mm/s
Max. position rate:50 Hz
Driving force:1 ... 10 N
Lifetime:> 1000 km / typ. 20 mill. cycles
Stackable?Yes, no gap required
Replaces:Lead screws, voice coils, linear motors, pneumatics, ...
Applications:Positioning of optics and sensors, precision dispensing, pick & place, needle insertion, ...

Need more force? Simply combine multiple micro actuators.

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1N, 3N, 5N and 10N direct-drive motors


Lifetime > 1000 km or 20 million cycles


Actuator driven by ultrasonic piezo motor

Power-off locking:

Greatly reduced consumption & improved heat dissipation


Piezo linear actuator

Speeds up to 1 m/s. All manufacturing done in Belgium, Europe.

Select your mini linear actuator

Need more than 10N? Here's how.

Driving force

Rod length

= Travel range ⓘ:

Encoder resolution

Product code:


Dimensions: 22,7 x 14,8 x 5,4 mm (4,9 mm without coverplate)
Mass: 5.5 grams

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Volume pricing from €175 / $190 per actuator, including controller.
Evaluation kit - open loop - €400 / $430.
Evaluation kit - closed loop = €500 / $540.
Evaluation kits include everything needed for easy plug-and-play testing.

Small linear actuator

Large volumes or custom designs? Explore OEM solutions

Actuators for automated pipetting and liquid handling

Example application: Precision liquid dispensing
(For both
coarse and fine motion)

Piezo linear actuators

Stackable: slim design, cool operation & no electromagnetism

Linear actuator for medical devices

Portable: low-voltage, efficient & noiseless


Optional double body setup for double driving force


Optional double body setup (rod mounted)
for moving two separate objects

    Compact, precise & fast

    • No wear-induced play (no loss of accuracy over time)

    • Maintenance free

    • No magnetic field generation, no cogging

    • Direct-drive, no bulky gears or other transmission components

    • Back-driveable (manually overridable without affecting lifetime)

    • Low & safe voltage (<48V)

    • Low power consumption (<5W)

    • Option for integrated controller (open-loop version)

    • Capable of slow and constant scanning speeds

    • Easy OEM product integration due to self-locking & backdrivable design

    Technical details

    Product videos

    Linear piezo actuator | XLA

    The Xeryon ultrasonic mini linear actuator is a precise and very fast linear piezo actuator driven by our noiseless Crossfixx ultrasonic motor. This allows for high speed motion and precise positioning.

    The self-locking piezo motor holds the position of the actuator when it is not powered. As a result, energy consumption and heat generation are considerably reduced.

    The XLA is the fastest actuator of such a small size in the world. It is a real OEM product but a break-out board is available for test setups.

    Not small enough? We also design custom actuators for your specific product. Contact us to talk about a custom small actuator design.

    Looking for just the motor? Have a look at our Ultrasonic motor.

    Control types

    Open-loop version (without position feedback). Integrated controller, analog/PWM speed and direction control (and limit switches). Ultra-compact. A break-out board is available for testing.

    Closed-loop version (with position feedback). External controller (XD-OEM) + integrated position sensor (= go to any position).

    Hybrid version: integrated controller + position feedback, but no closed-loop control. Close the loop in your own preferred way.

    Not sure if you need a linear piezo actuator with open-loop or closed-loop? This page makes it all clear.

    Micro linear actuator with position feedback

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