Silent linear actuatorQuiet linear actuator

Silent linear actuators

Xeryon develops compact and silent linear actuators based on ultrasonic piezo technology. Designed to operate above the human hearing range, these mini actuators deliver precision, speed and longevity while operating very quietly, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments. 

Advanced ultrasonic piezo technology 

Through our ultrasonic piezo technology, our XLA miniature linear actuators operate at frequencies above 100 kHz. This means they work beyond the human hearing limit, ensuring their operation is virtually noiseless. Unlike traditional actuators that create audible noise, our quiet linear actuators provide a silent solution, essential in settings where noise is a concern.

Compact, efficient, and precise

But that’s of course not all. Despite their small size, these actuators are powerful and precise. The XLA is capable of high-speed movement (up to 500 mm/s) and micrometer positioning, essential for applications requiring fine control. Their compact design also makes them suitable for use in confined spaces where traditional actuators might not fit. Lastly, with a lifetime of over 1000 kilometers or 20 million cycles, they far outlast most (if not all) other types of linear actuators.

Much lower noise levels compared to conventional actuators 

When compared to other types of micro linear actuators, our ultrasonic piezo actuators stand out for their significantly lower noise levels. Conventional actuators, which often use electromagnetic motors and mechanical gears, typically operate within the audible range and can be a source of disruptive noise.  Due to their lower frequencies, these actuators also pose the risk of sending vibrations into the surrounding mechanical systems.

Our XLA ultrasonic actuators provide a quiet alternative, eliminating the sound issue and enhancing the overall user experience.

Ideal applications for quiet linear actuators

Our silent linear actuators are particularly suited for: 

  • Medical equipment: In medical settings, the quiet operation minimizes disturbance to patients and staff. 
  • Laboratory instruments: For lab equipment, the absence of noise helps maintain a controlled environment for sensitive experiments. 
  • Industrial automation: In industrial settings, they reduce overall noise pollution, creating a more comfortable working environment. 

These compact actuators represent a significant advancement in motion control technology. By offering a noise-free operation, they open up new possibilities in various fields where traditional piezo actuators' noise levels were previously a limiting factor.


For full product specifications and other information, please visit the XLA page.


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