Direct-drive linear actuators & stages

Xeryon offers direct drive linear actuators and stages powered by our patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic motor.

This allows for efficient and reliable high-speed, high-precision movement capacity in a very compact design.

Direct drive actuator

Direct-drive linear actuators

Our direct-drive linear actuators are represented in our  XLA product line.

These compact, gearless actuators are very small, lightweight and highly integrable. They are commonly used in demanding, high-precision environments such as medical devices, semicon manufacturing robots and metrology applications.

Direct drive linear actuator

General specifications:

Dimensions: starting at 22,7 x 14,8 x 5,4mm.
Weight: starting at 5,5 grams.
Stroke length (travel range) from 5 mm up to 300 mm.
Speeds up to 400 mm/s in closed loop and 1000 mm/s in open loop.
Encoder resolutions between 50 µm and 78 nm.
Driving forces 1N, 3N, 5N or 10N (ultrasonic piezo).
Lifetime >1000 kilometers or 20 million cycles.

Additional beneficial properties:

Option for integrated controller.
Low power consumption (<5W).
Low voltage (<48V).
Self-locking (no power required to hold desired position of the actuator).
This leads to greatly reduced energy consumption and heat dissipation.
Noiseless operation due to ultrasonic motor.
Capable of slow and constant scanning speeds.
No magnetic field generation.
Back-drivable (actuator can be manually overriden without affecting lifetime).


Direct-drive linear stages

Our direct-drive linear stages are represented in our Precision Linear Stages product line.

These direct-drive stages are typically used in settings where the highest levels of precision and reliability are required. They can be easily combined with our other linear stages to create XY and XYZ stages, as well as our precision rotation stages for applications requiring rotary movement.

General specifications

Speeds up to 1000 mm/s
10 to 110mm stroke
Weighs < 50 grams
Resolution up to 1 nm
Lifetime > 1000 km
Lifetime > 20 million cycles
Load capacity 500 grams
Driving force 1N or 3N

Additional beneficial properties:

Noiseless operation
Slow scanning speed
Integrated encoder
Non-magnetic option
No wear-induced play
Safety voltage (< 48V)

Direct drive linear stage

For more information, please visit the precision linear stages product page.

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