Precision stages for medical and lifescience research


Resonant piezo technology
Vibrating piezo motor

During critical examinations, life-saving surgery or cost-intensive sample analysis, you don’t want your equipment to fail on you. Xeryon precision motion systems consist of a minimal number of components: just the vibrating piezo element and the moving functional component, nothing else. So forget about gears, wormwheels and other transmission or reduction components that can fail. Our rotary and linear precision microstages are the perfect base for moving samples, surgery equipment, beam-steering tools, etc with the highest precision and reliability.

No dither during standstill

Ultrasonic piezo motion systems have a unique property: once they are in the correct position, they stay there without using any power. This is inherent in the design of Xeryon precision stages: the mechanical tension between the piezo motor and the moving stage makes sure the stage is fixed between repositioning. This holding force is purely mechanical and creates none of the disturbing vibrations that can be introduced by other technologies. Don’t risk vibrations influencing the result of your work – go piezo!

High precision drill adjustment setup

High precision

For the most precise incisions, the most accurate placement of your narrow-bore needle in cell injections, or the perfect functional beam positioning, you need precision. Xeryon offers different precision levels depending on your needs. Sometimes micrometre precision is sufficient, sometimes you need to go sub-micrometre, and sometimes you want to get all the way down to nanometre resolutions. Check out our specs to learn more.


Some applications where ultrasonic piezo technology makes the difference:

  • Sample movement
  • Microscope stage control
  • Eye research equipment
  • Beam positioning
  • Robotic surgery
  • Cell injection equipment
  • Optical sample scanning
  • Sample spectral analysis