OEM ultrasonic piezo projects

As a manufacturer you want to focus on your core business as much as possible. At Xeryon, we don't waste your time with an impossible mechanical or electronics integration. The Xeryon piezo-products are designed to be integrated fast and easily into your product.

Technical advantages of the Xeryon OEM products:

  • Multiple mounting points and a wide range of compact mounting brackets
  • Very compact design: Yes, we have the smallest piezo actuators on the market
  • Easy communication: We support all common communication protocols
  • Long lifetime and shock proof: Our piezo motor life time is ten times better than the rest of market (500 km vs 50 km!)
  • Integrated controllers possible: no more control PCB's, the ultimate ease of integration

Why Xeryon as your OEM partner

Our customer support team is available to assist you in the integration of our products into your design. We have got mechanical and electronics engineers on stand-by for this purpose only. By partnering with Xeryon you will have access to some of the most experienced engineers in the industry and the best thing is: The support for the integration of these EOM components is free!

Our OEM ultrasonic piezo products have proven to be a reliable motion component in many end-product implementations. We collected years of experience working with engineers across many industries including space, medical, optometry, metrology, robotics and many more. How about getting in touch with our team? We are ready to answer your questions.

We live by our 5 tenets to make sure your OEM implementation becomes a success.

From small alterations to fully custom OEM projects

These OEM collaborations can range from integration of our standard components to small adjustments to our to our standard products up to full scale custom precision positioning engineering projects.

Whatever your needs are, give us a call and we’ll thoroughly assess your requirements to find out if we are the right fit for your project.


Flexibility to suit your project needs

Our engineers will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs. Whether this is an entirely customized solution or just our patented Crossfixx™️ Piezo Motor, we've got you covered. These are the 5 system levels we can help you with:

  • Custom piezo motors
  • Custom piezo actuators
  • Custom piezo stages
  • Custom piezo multi-axis systems
  • Custom motion system designs and build

With or without controllers

For those who also need controllers to drive the stages in their OEM integration we created a special range of core controllers specifically engineered with OEM applications in mind. We have the XD-A Core Controller for the closed-loop version of our XLA micro-actuator as well as the XD-C Core Controller for those who need a more advanced set of features. There is also a range of standard motors and actuators with integrated controllers for the most compact solution!

Apart from our standard controllers we also have customers that require a custom control board that fits their specific needs. This perfectly possible if you work with Xeryon.


Vertical integration

Our engineers will work closely with you to guarantee the absolute best fit for your needs. From the first exploratory call to the final implementation in the production line, our engineers will be there to make sure everything is perfectly integrated.

Your OEM project is safe with us

Some of the world’s top fortune 500 enterprises have already trusted us with the needs for their highly confidential R&D projects for future product development.

You can rest assured we have all the systems and procedures in place to make sure any confidential information you might need to share with us is highly secured. All is covered with an NDA, you get a dedicated support engineer and we use high-security data storage. Your designs are safe with us!

Fields of application for our OEM solutions

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