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XY Stages and multi DOF setups

All of our stages, linear and rotary, can be combined into the setup of your choice. No exotic brackets needed, just 4 screws and a screwdriver. We couldn't make it any easier.

Size: 40-120 x 40-120 x 26 mm (XY setup)

Resolution: dependant on the stages you choose to combine

All of the specs and options are exactly the same as the specs of the individual stages

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Precise XY stage

The XY-XLS consists of two XLS stages stacked on top of each other without the use of an extra adapter plate. With the XY-XLS one can position in 2-DOF with nanometer precision and repeatability. Because of the ultrasonic drive principle of the XLS stage, the XY-XLS has a long lifetime, fast, noiseless and holds its position when powered off. One can even move at very low and constant speeds (µm/s).

These features make it the perfect microscope stage or multi-DOF positioner for material science applications. The XY-XLS can be used in vacuum. Have a look at the specs of our individual stages for more information.

Key features

Mechanical properties

Size: 40-120 x 40-120 x 26 mm
Travel range: 27-107 x 27-107 mm
Load capacity: < 1 kg
Blocking force: ~ 1 N
Traction force: ~ 1 N
Configuration: XY, XYZ


Speed: Several µm/s to 200 mm/s
Speed variation: +/- 1 % at typical scan speed
Sensor resolution:
10 nm / 78 nm / 310 nm / 1.5 µm


All our stages are compatible with all of our controllers.
Software: windows interface and LabVIEW driver

Optional features

Vacuum capability
Short cage for extra stroke length

Product photos & videos

Long XY stage
XY Stage
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