XYZ piezo stage

Multi-axis piezo stages (XY, XYZ, ...)

Easily combine linear & rotary piezo stages

Most of our linear and rotary stages can be mounted into an XY stage, XYZ stage, or other combination. All you need is 4 bolts.

Simply select your:

- X and Y axes from our linear stages;

- Z axis from our vertical stages;

- Rotational axes from our rotational stages.

Any combination is possible!

Check out our stages combination guide to see the possibilities.

Only 1 - 2 weeks lead time for most products.

Precision XY, XYZ, XTheta or XYTheta stages


Starting at a mass of less than 40 grams per stage


Resolutions of up to 1 nm (linear) and 3 µrad (rotary)


Up to 1000 mm/s (linear) and  720°/s (rotary)


Lifetime > 1000 km (linear) and > 5 million revolutions (rotary)

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XYZtheta stage

Large volumes or custom designs? Explore our OEM solutions

Multi axis rotation piezo stage

All machining, assembly and quality control done in Belgium, Europe

Fast point-to-point positioning:

Stroke frequency up to 50 Hz


Stages driven by 1N, 3N and 5N direct-drive ultrasonic piezo motors


Load capacity up to 2000 grams


Non-magnetic and vacuum-compatible versions available for all stages


Stages operate at < 48V


One-to-one interchangeability with other stage brands

Select the stages for your multi-axis setup here:

Or talk to our integration engineers:

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Price indications:

Single axis example: XLS-3-40-1250 + single-axis controller  €2100 / $2300
XYZ setup example: 2x XLS-3-40-1250 (XY) + 1x XVS-3-40-1250 (Z) + three-axis controller  €6500 / $7050
Prices mainly depend on precision level, length, driving force and optional features.
Lead time just 1 - 2 weeks for most products. Evaluation kits available for all of our products.

Compact, precise & fast

  • No wear-induced play (no loss of accuracy over time)

  • Maintenance free

  • No magnetic field generation

  • Direct-drive, no bulky gears or other transmission components

  • Back-driveable (manually overridable without affecting lifetime)

  • Low & safe voltage (<48V)

  • Low power consumption

  • Capable of slow and constant scanning speeds

Piezo XY rotation stage

Xeryon's Crossfixx™ motor marks a breakthrough in motion control. Read why.


Technical details

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Piezo XY and XYZ stages by Xeryon

Our precision stages can be combined into different configurations such as XY, XYZ XTheta or XYTheta. The matching mounting hole patterns of our different stages makes it very easy to build any configuration without the use of custom adapter plates.

These multi-axis setups allow you to position with nanometer precision and repeatability in multiple degrees of freedom. Thanks to the ultrasonic piezo drive technology of the individual stages, your multi-axis setup will have a long lifetime, position fast and noiseless and holds its position when powered off. One can even move at very low and constant speeds (µm/s).

These features make it the perfect microscope stage or multi-axis sample stage for material science applications. All of our stages can be used in vacuum. Have a look at the specs of our individual stages for more information.

Full measurement reports available upon request.

Not familiar with ultrasonic piezo technology? Have a look at our evaluation kits, the perfect way to experiment with our products!

Non-magnetic multi-axis piezo stages

All of our stages are available as non-magnetic versions. But what does this mean exactly?

1. Xeryon products do not generate a magnetic field, thanks to the absence of copper windings or magnets.

2. Xeryon stages can be made without any ferromagnetic materials, making them usable in magnetic fields up to 10T  ('Full non-magnetic' option).

For fluctuating magnetic fields, we offer reinforced PEEK plates in order to minimize unwanted eddy current formation.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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