XY-stages and
multi-axis setups

Most of our linear and rotary stages can be mounted into an XY setup, or other combinations. No custom adapter plates are needed, just 4 bolts and a hex key. We couldn't make it any easier.

Just select your X and Y axis from our linear stages and your Z axis from our vertical stages. Any combination is possible.

And if you would like to throw in one or more rotation stages, select them here.

Take a look at our Stages Combination Guide to see the possibilities. 

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Precision XY, XTheta or XYTheta-stages

Our precision stages can be combined into different configurations such as XY, XTheta or XYTheta. The matching mounting hole patterns of our different stages makes it very easy to build any configuration without the use of custom adapter plates. These multi-axis setups allow you to position with nanometer precision and repeatability in multiple degrees of freedom. Thanks to the ultrasonic piezo drive technology of the individual stages, your multi-axis setup will have a long lifetime, position fast and noiseless and holds its position when powered off. One can even move at very low and constant speeds (µm/s).

These features make it the perfect microscope stage or multi-axis sample stage for material science applications. All of our stages can be used in vacuum. Have a look at the specs of our individual stages for more information.

Not familiar with ultrasonic piezo technology? Have a look at our evaluation kits, the perfect way to experiment with our products!

Key features

Mechanical properties

Possible configurations:

Dimension range:
40 x 40 x 26 mm - 120 x 120 x 26 mm (XY)
40 x 34 x 34 mm - 120 x 34 x 34 mm (XTheta)
40 x 40 x 47 mm - 120 x 120 x 47 mm (XYTheta)

Load capacity: < 0.5 kg

Motion performance

See specifications of our individual stages.


Vacuum (10-6 mbar): -HV
Non-magnetic materials: -NM

Environmental compatibility

Temp. range: -20°C to +50°C
Humidity range: 20% to 90% RH (non-cond.)
Heat dissipation (motor only): < 1 W


Compatible with all Xeryon controllers.
Easy-to-use Windows interface or LabVIEW driver.
C++ and Python libraries available.

Product photos & videos

Long XY stage
XY Stage
Long XY stage
XY Stage
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