Precision stages for metrology applications

XRT-U-40 rotation stage

Take manual control

Sometimes you want to reposition your measuring system quickly without damaging the motion system. Our piezo motion systems allow manual override (check this section if you want to know how this is done). This is useful for rough positioning or to create some manoeuvring space, as there are no blocking transmission components. Just move along the available axes and let the piezo motion system take over when you’re done. No problem: man and machine can work together with a Xeryon precision position system!

Perfectly silent

Nobody wants irritating noise in the lab, the quality control room or the measurement department. Xeryon uses ultrasonic piezo technology, which is completely silent. Other piezo technologies, like stick-slip, make an unpleasant screeching sound, distracting you or your team from their important job. Go for a serene measuring environment – go for ultrasonic piezo motion systems!

XLS-1-50 on top of a XLS-1-120

Fast measuring

Nobody wants to waste time waiting for a machine to do its job. Xeryon precision stages move at very high velocities (up to 200mm/s for linear stages and 2 rotations per second for our rotary stages), to give you a lot of measurement points without losing precious time. Ultrasonic piezo technology is the fastest piezo principle available. We made it even faster with our patented Crossfixx™ technology.

Agile as a hummingbird

When creating measuring systems, you don’t want the moving parts to create unnecessary inertia. Xeryon precision motion systems have a very low mass, starting from 50g for a complete drive system, and occupy only a few cubic centimetres. Find the complete specsheets here.

In our custom projects we are able to reduce the mass even further – to less than 5g for an extremely compact precision motion system. The Xeryon engineering team creates customised solutions for your specific needs. Visit our custom section for more information.

Two XLS-1-40 in XY setup with a XRT-U-30 on top


Xeryon precision linear and rotary stages are used for:

  • CMM
  • Optical measurement systems
  • Laser measurement
  • Measurement sample positioning
  • Measurement sensor movement