Precision stages for Synchrotrons and beamlines

High troughput

You need to generate a lot of datapoints in a short amount of time, so you want a very fast motion system. Xeryon precision stages move at the highest speeds in the market, thanks to the patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic piezo technology. Velocities up to 200mm/s and 2 rotations per second are achieved. A Xeryon precision microstage gives you the fastest micro-positioning system possible.

XY, XYZ and XY Theta stages

Xeryon offers the longest nanometre-precision linear stages on the market, with travel distances up to 100 mm, giving you the necessary flexibility for current and future projects. Our stages can be combined to create (temporary) XY, XYZ and XY-Theta motion setups. Don’t be limited by the specification of your current experiment; buy the solution that gives you the freedom you need for your future research!

XRT-A, one of the smallest stages in the world

The Xeryon engineering team creates customised brackets and setups for your specific needs. Visit our custom section for more information.

Stay below the beamline

Your available volume and height are limited. Xeryon offers rotation and linear stages in a range of precisions, going from micrometre to below 100nm precision, but very limited in volume and height, thanks to the ultra compact piezo motor technology. This gives you sufficient room for your mirrors, lenses and filters.

Achieve repeatable results

Sometimes you need high precision – and sometimes you need ultimate precision. Xeryon stages offer a range of encoder resolutions, going from 1.25µm to an impressive 1nm, allowing the best repeatibility specs on the market. Check out our specs to learn more.

The error motion of the XRT-A is the best on the market, thanks to the active error compensation

Non-magnetic and high vacuum

By using ceramic bearings and specific materials, our stages are suitable for demanding environments. The use of specifice wiring, vacuum feedthrough and connector materials make our stages suitable for vacuum applications.

Beamline using a Xeryon stage


Xeryon precision stages are suitable for:

  • Cyclotron
  • Synchrotron
  • Beamlines
  • Non magnetic environments
  • Beamline instrumentation