Pick-and-place actuators


Linear actuators for pick-and-place machines have to be compact, lightweight and highly stackable, in addition to being fast, extremely precise and reliable.

Xeryon's XLA combines all of these features, making it an ideal actuator for pick-and-place robots commonly found in semiconductor manufacturing (SMT component placement).

These ultra-slim linear actuators with submicron precision are designed for maximum performance and ease of integration. Its width of less than 6 mm and low heat dissipation makes the XLA stackable with an extremely small pitch.

This allows for signficant densening / downsizing of actuator arrays and component placement systems. The XLA's narrow body and performant design are made possible by our patented ultrasonic motor, eliminating transmission components and bulky electromagnetic motors.

Pick-and-place actuator

Linear actuators for P&P applications

Xeryon's linear actuators are highly suitable for pick-and-place applications like SMT component placement. An overview of their capabilities:

General characteristics:

  • Size: starts at 22.7mm x 14.8mm x 5.4mm for 1N motor
  • Weight: starts from 5.5 grams.
  • Stroke length: 5mm ... 300mm.
  • Velocity: up to 40 mm/s in closed-loop operation and up to 1000mm/s in open-loop.
  • Extreme precision: encoder resolution ranging from 50 μm to 78 nm.
  • Operational force: 1N ... 10N.
  • Durability: > 1000 kilometers or 20 million operational cycles.

Additional benefits in pick-and-place applications:

  • Self-locking, meaning no power needed to hold desired actuator position.
  • Greatly reduced energy consumption (<5W) and heat dissipation due to the above.
  • No loss of precision over time (no wear-induced play)
  • Option for integrated controller.
  • Silent operation due to our patented ultrasonic motor.
  • Back-drivable (actuator can be manually overriden without affecting lifetime).
Linear actuators for pick-and-place machinesLinear actuators for SMT component placement

This combination of performance and slender design offers significant advantages to manufacturers of pick-and-place machines: it enables a reduction in the overall size and weight of the robots. This not only enhances the efficiency of semiconductor production lines but also contributes to a reduction in operational costs and an increase in output speed. Our pick-and-place linear actuators are thus an integral component in the modernization of semiconductor manufacturing processes, aligning perfectly with the industry's continuous pursuit of miniaturization and precision.

For further details and full product specifications, please visit our XLA product page.

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