Precision linear actuators

At Xeryon, we manufacture precision linear actuators with micrometer and nanometer precision. Our actuators are driven by our Crossfixx ultrasonic piezo motor, allowing for high accuracy, travel range, speed and reliability in a very compact package.

Precision linear actuatorHigh precision linear actuator

Xeryon's XLA micro actuators are designed to provide exceptionally accurate movement in an extremely small and lightweight housing, essential for applications in medical technology, semiconductor manufacturing, and other precision-required fields. 

High precision linear actuators by Xeryon

Our precision linear actuators are available with a variety of encoder resolutions, covering both micrometer and nanometer precision:

  • Open loop (only end switches)
  • 50 µm
  • 10 µm
  • 1,25 µm
  • 312 nm
  • 78 nm

Due to our ultrasonic piezo motor, our actuators also benefit from zero-drift and self-locking properties, further enhancing their precision and accuracy. Perhaps even more importantly, this design results in no wear-induced play. In other words, the XLA does not lose accuracy over time.

In addition, the high frequency of the ultrasonic motor allows for very fast point to point positioning: up to 400 mm/s in closed loop mode, and 1000 mm/s in open loop. Available driving forces include 1N, 3N, 5N and 10N.

Other benefits of our high precision linear actuators include:

  • Extremely small size and weight
  • Large travel range, up to 300 mm
  • Lifetime >1000 km or >20 million cycles
  • Noiseless operation
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Low magnetic interference
  • Low power consumption (<5W)
  • Safety voltage (<48V)
  • Direct drive, no gears or other moving parts
  • No wear-induced play
  • Self-cleaning

For more information on (ultrasonic) piezo technology, please visit this page.

Precision linear actuator


Our precision linear actuators are suitable for various sectors:

  • Medical equipment: For precise movement in medical devices, such as liquid dispensing systems and fast lense positioning.
  • Semiconductor production: Providing accurate positioning in semiconductor manufacturing, such as pick & place applications.
  • Research and development: Suitable for experiments requiring exact motion control, such as sample positioning.

For further details and full product specifications, please visit our XLA product page. 


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