This is the only non-ultrasonic piezo stage in our portfolio. We keep it because it's incredibly precise and extremely compact and lightweight.

Only 55 grams
Low radial error motion

Size: 40 x 31 x 15 mm (or custom)
Angular resolution: 6.25 m°
Load capacity: 100 gr
Radial error motion*:  < 1 µm
Axial error motion: < 0.5 µm
Tilt (wobble): < 50 µrad
Vacuum option: 10-6 mbar
Non-magnetic option
Active compensation option: reduces radial error motion to < 0.5 µm

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Compact & precise rotation stage with active error motion compensation

The XRT-A is driven by a stick-slip piezo motor. With our patented bearing technology in the XRT-A, one can actively compensate the radial error motion to a nanometre-level, even during rotation. This makes the XRT-A unique and the most precise piezo rotation stage on the market.

With a radial error motion smaller than 500 nm, the XRT-A achieves the precision of an air bearing without the need of pressurized air and a large volume and this at an advantageous price. As a result, the XRT-A is the ideal solution for vacuum and magnetic applications where a presice rotation is needed.

Key features

Mechanical properties

Size: 40 x 31 x 15 mm
Load capacity: 100 gr
Radial error motion*: < 1 µm (< 0.5 µm with active compensation option)
Axial error motion: < 0.5 µm
Tilt (wobble): < 50 µrad
Mass: 55 gr

* Measured 7 mm above the top surface of the rotor.


Velocity: 2 rev/min
Travel range: ∞
Angular resolution: 6.25 m°
Encoder type: Incremental


All our stages are compatible with all of our controllers.

Learn more about the axes of rotation standard and error motion measurements on our technology page.


xrt-a rotation stage dimensions
Dimensions in mm

Error motion measurements

XRT-A Error motion

Synchronous radial error motion with active compensation: 120 nm
Synchronous radial error motion without active compensation: 360 nm

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