Lab automation

Xeryon's micro actuators and lab automation equipment are a match made in heaven. The actuators' slim design, reliable precision and high throughput are guaranteed to take any automated process to the next level.

9mm well spacing? No problem

Our smallest model, the XLA-1, has a width of only 5.4 mm, easily staying within inter-well spacing limits. You no longer need to make compromises when designing your product.



Example applications

  • Precision liquid dispensing & handling

  • Automated PCR, ELISA, IFA...

  • Microplate readers & washers

  • DNA sequencing

  • Precision colony picking

  • Protein crystalization

  • High-throughput screening

  • Microarray spotting

  • Sample preparation and handling

  • And many more...

Piezo stages and actuators for medical applications

Slim design + cool operation + no magnetic coils = true stackability

Vertical lifting platform stage

With an actuator of 5.4 mm wide, well spacing is no longer an issue

High throughput without loss of precision

Xeryon's actuators combine compactness and precision with speed and large strokes. Submicron positioning with 400 mm/s, strokes of 300 mm and a lifetime of tens of millions of cycles mean that Xeryon's XLA is ready for the most demanding automation applications.

Stackable & ultra compact

At just 5.4 mm wide and a weight of 5.5 grams, our actuators are extremely stackable and compact, enabling significant downsizing of many devices. Their cool operation and lack of electromagnetic coils means you can stack them as closely as you want.

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