Medical devices

Xeryon's products are designed with performance, safety and design freedom in mind. Subsequently, they are used in a wide variety of medical devices.


Example applications

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment

  • Sample analysis

  • Lab automation equipment

  • Precision liquid dispensing

  • Aesthetic medical devices

  • Intraoral scanners

  • Cell manipulation

  • Surgical & diagnostic lasers

  • Clinical microscopes

  • DNA sequencing

  • And many more...

Piezo stages and actuators for medical applications
Vertical lifting platform stage

Xeryon also offers a range of non-magnetic actuators and stages

Precision, speed & range

Xeryon's actuators and stages are the market's fastest piezo motion products. Submicron positioning with 400 mm/s or 720 °/s, unlimited travel range and very low settling times (as low as 20 ms) make our products highly suitable for a wide range of demanding medical applications.

Stackable & ultra compact

Starting at a width of just 6 mm and a weight of just 6 grams, our miniature actuators are highly stackable and compact, allowing for the downsizing and simplification of many medical devices.

Self-locking, backdrivable & low voltage

Designed for safety, Xeryon's products are self-locking, meaning they hold their position when not powered, and backdrivable, so they can be overridden manually if so wished. In addition, our stages and actuators are operated below 48V, ensuring safe human interaction.

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