Xeryon's products are widely used in metrology devices as they are designed for precision, speed and high reliability. An overview of their applications:


Example applications

  • Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs)

  • Industrial microscopy

  • Optical (3D) metrology (scanning, testing, measuring)

  • CT and X-Ray scanners

  • Portable scanners

  • Laser tracker systems

  • Microwave measurements

  • And many more...

Ultrasonic piezo motor
Vertical lifting platform stage

Precision & speed

Xeryon's stages and actuators are the market's fastest piezo motion products. Positioning up to 1 nanometer with 400 mm/s or 720 °/s and very low settling times (as low as 20 ms) make our products highly suitable for a wide range of metrology applications.

Zero backlash

Xeryon's products are all direct-drive, resulting in a simple, reliable design with backlash-free operation. Compared to other types of piezo motors, Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo motors last more than ten times as long.

Silent, agile and manually overridable

Due to their design, Xeryon's products are self-locking, meaning they hold their position when not powered, and backdrivable, so they can be overridden manually if so wished. In addition, our stages and actuators operate very quietly, in contrast to traditional piezo motion products.

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