Optics & photonics

Engineered for precision, speed, and compactness, Xeryon's products are used in a range of optics & photonics devices and applications. 


Example applications

  • Microscopy & spectroscopy

  • Laser beam positioning & steering

  • SEM setups

  • Optical fiber alignment

  • Inferometry

  • Sample positioning

  • Sensor alignment

  • Lens positioning

  • Wave plate rotation

  • And many more...

Ultrasonic piezo motor
Vertical lifting platform stage

Precision & speed

Xeryon's stages and actuators are the market's fastest piezo motion products. Positioning up to 1 nanometer with 400 mm/s or 720 °/s and, low settling times (as low as 20 ms) and fast scanning make our products highly suitable for a wide range of optics & photonics applications.

Zero backlash

Xeryon's products are all direct-drive, resulting in a simple, reliable design with backlash-free operation. Compared to other types of piezo motors, Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo motors last more than ten times as long.


Due to their design, Xeryon's products are self-locking, meaning they hold their position when not powered. In fact, the motor is turned off when the desired position is reached. This results in drift-free and silent operation, essential in high-precision applications.

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