Precision microscope stages

If you are using a SEM, a TEM or an optical microscope, you need full control of your samples at the highest resolution. Xeryon precision microscope stages are perfectly suitable to be used as microscope stages in an X or an XY configuration. Motion resolutions of 80nm allow you to get the best results from your research, and to get them fast.

With speeds up to 200mm/s, repositioning to other sample regions is done in the blink of an eye. And if you want to do the pre-positioning manually, Xeryon piezo stages are exactly what you need: the motion system can be manually overridden without causing any damage to the stage.

The self-locking property of Xeryon stages makes them the perfect companion for your motorised microscope stages. During movement the high-frequency (>120kHz) vibrations are hardly noticeable. But even better is the absence of any vibrations during standstill. The mechanical locking of the piezo motor doesn’t need any power to keep its position, guaranteeing that no external vibration can move your samples.

For your SEM or TEM, we offer optional high-vacuum compatibility, allowing you to go to 10-6 mbar without any issues.