Precision Microscope Stages

Compact and precise microscope piezo stages

If you are using a SEM or an optical microscope, you need full control of your samples at the highest resolution. Xeryon precision microscope stages are perfectly suitable to be used as microscope stages in an X, XY or XY Theta configuration. Encoder resolutions from 1,25 µm up to 1 nm allow you to get the best results from your research, and to get them fast.

With speeds up to 200 mm/s, repositioning to other sample regions is done in the blink of an eye. Slow scanning speeds and on-the-fly scanning are easy thanks to a minimum speed of 1 µm/s at a very constant speed rate.

The self-locking property of the Xeryon ultrasonic piezo motor makes it the perfect companion for a motorised microscope stages. During movement the high-frequency (>120kHz) vibrations are hardly noticeable and do not create the disturbing noise some stages make. But even better is the absence of any vibrations during standstill. The mechanical locking of the piezo motor doesn’t need any power to keep its position, guaranteeing that no vibrations can disturb your measurements.

For your SEM, we offer optional high-vacuum compatibility, allowing you to go to 10-6 mbar without any issues. And if you work in strong magnetic fields, we also have the non-magnetic option. 

Microscope stage types

All stages are driven by an ultrasonic piezo motor

Linear stages

Linear Stages

Travel velocities of 200 mm/s can be reached, making Xeryon linear precision stages the fastest nano-precision stages on the market.

Rotation stages

Rotation Stages

Compared to other piezo motor technologies, an ultrasonic piezo motor ensures you a longer lifetime, noiseless and vibration-free operation and a lower heat dissipation.

XY Stages

XY Stages

All of our linear stages can easily be combined into an XY setup.
Have a look at our XY, XTheta and XYTheta-stages.

XY Stages

Custom combinations

All of our stages, linear and rotary, can be combined into the setup of your choice. Have a look!

Thanks to our Crossfixx™ technology, the stages are self-locking when in position, without any vibrations or energy consumption. The ultrasonic technology prevents the typical unpleasant sounds associated with most piezo motion systems, rendering ours completely silent.

All of our stages (rotary and linear) can be combined to create additional axes to suit your needs. The stages are easily mountable and custom brackets can be made if needed.

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our standard product range, contact our engineering department for customised solutions. Check our custom project section for more information.