Semiconductor manufacturing

Precision, speed and reliability are synonymous with semiconductor manufacturing. This makes Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo products a highly suitable choice.

We have extensive experience with both FEOL and BEOL semiconductor manufacturing applications.


Example applications

  • Pick and place heads

  • Die bonding alignment

  • Inspection & metrology

  • Wafer positioning & scanning

  • Tool & objective positioning

  • And many more...

Ultrasonic piezo motor
Vertical lifting platform stage

Fast & precise

Xeryon's actuators and stages stand out in the market for their exceptional speed and precision, boasting the capability to achieve submicron positioning at a rapid pace of up to 400 mm/s. T

They are designed for high efficiency, with very low settling times reaching down to 20 milliseconds, and ensure high repeatability. This combination of features facilitates increased throughput without compromising on the quality required in manufacturing processes.

Stackable & ultra compact

Furthermore, Xeryon's miniature actuators are characterized by their remarkably small size and light weight, with dimensions as narrow as 6 mm in width and a mass of merely 6 grams.

This allows for actuator array downsizing, manipulator weight reduction and system design simplification.


Unlike traditional piezo technologies, Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo motors achieve lifetimes of 100 million cycles or thousands of kilometers. Furthermore, there are no gears or other transmission components involved, resulting in a highly simple and reliable design.

Vacuum compatibility

Most of our products are available with high vacuum compatibility (HV) and ultra high vacuum compatibility (UHV). We continuously invest in material selection, product design and rigorous testing in order to ensure reliable performance in high-precision, high-vacuum semiconductor manufacturing environments.

Vertical lifting platform stage

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