Long-stroke linear actuators

Xeryon's XLA is an ultra-compact long-stroke linear actuator with a stroke of up to 300 mm. Due to its patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic motor, the XLA offers high accuracy, speed and travel in a reliable and compact design.

In comparison to other electric micro linear actuators like voice coils, solenoids and traditional piezo actuators, our long-travel linear actuators offer a far larger stroke while providing superior speed, lifetime, ease of integration and high levels of precision.

Long stroke linear actuatorLong stroke electric linear actuator

Xeryon's XLA micro actuators are are engineered for highly accurate motion within a compact and lightweight structure. This design is ideal for use in sectors such as medical technology and semiconductor manufacturing, where precise and efficient movement is critical, often in combination with a large stroke.

Small linear actuator with long stroke

Due to its innovative design, our long-stroke linear actuators offer a wide variety of benefits and options in addition to the large travel range.


  • Driving forces: 1N, 3N, 5N and 10N
  • Encoder resolution: Closed loop, 50 µm, 10 µm, 1,25 µm, 312 nm and 78 nm
  • Stroke / travel range: 5 mm up to 300 mm

Other advantages:

  • Extremely compact and lightweight design
  • Very reliable with a lifetime of over 1000 kilometers / 20 million cycles
  • Noiseless operation due to ultrasonic motor
  • Low magnetic interference due to piezo technology
  • Power consumption of less than 5 Watts
  • Low voltage suitable for human interaction (<48V)
  • No loss of accuracy over time
  • Self-cleaning

These features are particularly beneficial in applications where extended linear motion is required but space constraints are a concern. Traditional electric linear actuators usually offer either a small size or a longer travel range, but not both. For a detailed comparison of different type of micro actuators, visit this page.

Interested in learning more about our (ultrasonic) piezo technology? Read all about it on this page.


The combination of compact size, high precision and extensive travel range mae our long-stroke actuators uniquely suited for tasks in the following fields:

  • Medical equipment: For precise movement in medical devices.
  • Semiconductor production: Providing accurate positioning in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Precision instrumentation: Where accuracy is everything.
  • Research and development: Suitable for experiments requiring exact motion control.

For further details and full product specifications, please visit our XLA product page.


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