Linear positioning stages

Motorized, leightweight linear positioning stages with nanoprecision driven by an ultrasonic motor.

Xeryon's lineup includes an innovative selection of motorized compact linear positioning stages, each customizable with a multitude of options and available in various lengths. With travel ranges reaching up to 100 mm, our nanopositioning stages open doors to countless applications. At the core of our stages is the patented Crossfixx™ ultrasonic piezo technology, which allows for ultra-fast travel speeds of up to 200 mm/s.

Designed for seamless integration into applications like scanning setups, our stages maintain a consistent scanning speed, with an impressive speed stability of less than 2%. The ease of installation and user-friendly interface are key benefits. Users can effortlessly connect the stage to its controller and achieve precise positioning either through our dedicated software or via manual controls.

Further distinguishing themselves, Xeryon's linear positioning stages offer a spectrum of precision levels. With resolutions starting from 1.25 µm and going as fine as 1 nm, these stages cater to a variety of precision requirements. Additional features like high vacuum compatibility make these stages a versatile choice for applications in SEM environments or vacuum chambers. Moreover, the option to include an extra small cage extends the potential travel distance, optimizing the volume-to-stroke ratio and enhancing the functionality of these stages.

Linear positioning stages with nano precision: efficient, fast & extremely reliable

Our linear nanopositioning stages are powered by our patented ultrasonic motor.

1 - 2 weeks lead time for most products!
Linear positioning stage

XLS Linear positioning stage

Encoder resolutions: 1.25 µm - 1 nm
Travel ranges: 10 mm - 102 mm
Drive forces: 1 N - 3 N
Vacuum compatible

Precision positioning stage

XVS Vertical positioning stage

Encoder resolutions: 1.25 µm - 1 nm
Travel ranges: 10 mm - 102 mm
Drive forces: 1 N - 3 N
Vacuum compatible

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Motorized positioning stage

Ultra compact actuator

Drive principle: ultrasonic piezo
Open loop and closed loop
Stroke length: 5 - 200 mm

Nanopositioning stage

XY positioning stages

All of our linear stages can be combined into an XY stage setup with 4 screws!

Similarly to their rotary counterparts, Xeryon's linear positioning stages benefit from the features of our Crossfixx™ technology. This technology ensures that the stages are self-locking when stationary, eliminating vibrations and energy consumption. Additionally, the ultrasonic technology uniquely integrated into our motorized stages eliminates the typical noise issues found in most (piezo) motion systems, resulting in noiseless operation.

Our range of nanoprecision positioning stages (including rotation and linear types), can be configured in multiple axes setups to meet specific requirements. These stages are designed for easy mounting, and we provide custom bracket solutions if necessary.

For those with needs extending beyond our standard product offerings, our engineering team is available to develop custom positioning stages tailored to your specific requirements. For more information about our solutions, we invite you to explore the custom project section on our website.