OEM Motorized XY stage | 'XWS'

Slim piezo-driven XY stage for OEM applications

This is the XWS series.

This motorized XY stage gives you fast and precise planar motion while also providing you plenty of power and a large surface and aperture.

Ideal for OEM (upright) microscopy as well as non-microscopy applications.

Available with an M6 breadboard insert, as well as several other inserts.

Motorized XY piezo stage

Large X-Y travel

Travel range of 100 x 100 mm


Controlled motion from 5 μm/s up to 250 mm/s


Available with resolutions of 1 μm, 250 nm and 50 nm


Payload capacity of 3000 grams

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5N direct-drive ultrasonic piezo motors


Lifetime > 1000 km or 20 million cycles


Motor vibrates outside of the human audible spectrum


Friction-based design ensures positional stability even when powered off

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Encoder resolution

Travel range:

100 x 100 mm (X x Y)


215 x 215 x 24,9 mm (L x W x H)

Product code:

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Evaluation kits available for all of our products.

Piezo XY stage

All of our stages can easily be combined into multi-axis systems (linear & rotary)


Compact, precise & fast

  • No wear-induced play (no loss of accuracy over time)

  • Maintenance free

  • No magnetic field generation

  • Direct-drive, no bulky gears or other transmission components

  • Back-driveable (manually overridable without affecting lifetime)

  • Capable of slow and constant scanning speeds

Technical details

Piezo XY stage | 'XWS'

The Xeryon-Wienecke Stage (XWS) is a precise, high-speed XY stage driven by two ultrasonic piezo motors. This allows for fast positioning with submicron precision. The self-locking piezo motor holds the position of the stage when it is not powered. As a result, heat dissipation is considerably reduced.

Not familiar with ultrasonic piezo technology? Have a look at our technology page, the perfect way to learn about our products!

Not what you're looking for? We also design custom stages for your specific product. Contact us to talk about a custom stage design.

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