1 - 2 weeks lead time for most products!

Motorized vertical stages (Z-axis)

Compact and precise motorized vertical stages driven by ultrasonic piezo, designed for high-precision movement along the Z-axis.

Perfect for precise motion along the Z-axis within space constrained applications.

Piezo rotation stages
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For positioning heavier loads with nanometer accuracy over shorter distances.

XY stage
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Lead time just 1 - 2 weeks for most products. Evaluation kits available for all of our products.


Vertical piezo stages

Xeryon offers various piezo-driven vertical translation stages, each to match your specific needs. 

You can choose between a vertically mounted piezo stage (XVS) and heavy-load vertical lifting platform (XVP). All of our motorized vertical stages can be customized to your needs and ordered for use in vacuum applications and/or made from non-magnetic materials.

Beyond their standalone capabilities, Xeryon's vertical stages, also known as Z-axis stages, can be easily combined with our other linear and rotary stages. This enables the creation of comprehensive motion systems, suitable for a wide range of applications.

From intricate laboratory research and precision manufacturing to advanced robotics and optical alignment, the adaptability of our motorized vertical stages is virtually endless.

Their compact and precise design ensures seamless integration in multi-axis configurations, providing users with a reliable and efficient solution for complex motion requirements.

Piezo XYZ stage

Xeryon stages are modular, allowing for easy multi-axis configurations.