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Ultrasonic Motor | XUMU

Meet the XUMU-series, the world’s fastest ultrasonic motor (with integrated controller!).

The XUMU is an ultrasonic piezo motor, with integrated controller, allowing for an extremely compact design and easy integration. The included ceramic strip is attached to the movable object, providing easy and flexible integration in various kinds of applications. Perfect for micro-automation, sample positioning and OEM motion projects.

Glue the adhesive ceramic strip onto an object and mount the XUMU ultrasonic motor against the ceramic strip. The motor can then be controlled by analog control or by PWM. A version with an external controller is also available.

Unlike electric motors, piezo motors do not produce any significant magnetic fields. By carefully selecting the materials, ultrasonic piezo motors can be used in strong magnetic fields (several Tesla) or applications where no magnetic disturbance or interference is allowed.


  • Speeds up to 1000 mm/s
  • No gears / ballscrew / rack and pinion that can break
  • Analog control
  • Non-magnetic (no magnetic field generation)

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Driving force:


Select ceramic strip length:

Dimensions: 32,8 x 30,0 x 9,1 mm
Mass: 28 grams

Download specs XUMU-3-series

Product code:


Volume prices start at € 100 per motor/actuator. Prices depend on encoder ceramic length and quantity.

1 - 2 weeks leadtime for most products !

XUMU ultrasonic motor example

Examples coming soon.

Fast, precise and long-lasting ultrasonic piezo motor

The XUMU motor is driven by the Crossfixx™️ ultrasonic piezo technology, allowing for a silent and fast positioning of any object. With a driving force of 3N this is the world’s leading piezo motor in terms of force, speed and integrability. The lifetime of over 1000km (or 10 million cycles) puts the XUMU at the top, supporting a wide range of applications. The XUMU motor is a real OEM product but a break-out board is available for test setups.

XLA series

Break-out board for testing the XUMU motor with analog signals or a USB connection to a PC.

Key features

Mechanical properties

Size: 32,8 x 30,0 x 9,1 mm
Weight: 28 grams
Speed: 10µm/s to 1000 mm/s
Travel range : 10 - 300 mm
Force: 3 N
Lifetime: > 500 km / 25 million cycles
Blocking force:  3 N
Traction force:  3 N

Ceramic strip

Size: 2.0 x 5.0 x 20 ... 300 mm


Integrated controller*

* also compatible with any external Xeryon controller


Flex cable outlet in two directions.
Different ceramic strip lengths

Connection lay-out of 14p ZIF-connector*

1 +12V +12V In 2 +12V +12V In
3 DIR Digital IO: Direction In 4 SPD Analog IO/PWM: Speed In
5 LIM- Digital IO: Left limit Out 6 LIM+ Digital IO: Right limit Out
7 Tx UART Tx* Out 8 Rx UART Rx* In
9 SWDIO     10 SWCLK    
11 GND   In 12 D- USB negative data signal In/Out
13 D+ USB positive data signal In/Out 14 GND   In
* A break-out board is available for test setups.


You can control the speed of the XUMU ultrasonic motor with an analog signal on the “SPD” pin. The analog input voltage can range from 0V to 3.3V which corresponds to lowest speed (standstill) to full speed.

You can control the speed with a PWM signal on the “SPD” pin. This signal should not exceed 3.3V and the frequency has to stay between 200 Hz and 200 kHz. By varying the duty cycle of the PWM signal you can control the speed from the lowest speed (standstill) to full speed.

* A break-out board is available for test setups.

XUMU-3 package content

  • XUMU-3 ultrasonic motor with suspension
  • Adhesive ceramic strip
  • Mounting screws
  • Break-out board for test setups (optional)


XUMU technical drawing


Product photos coming soon.

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