Piezo controllers & drivers

Plug-and-play piezo controllers & drivers for the closed loop control of our piezo stages & actuators.

We have made it easy for you: all of our controllers work with all of our piezo stages. So you choose the flavour that suits you the most.

The XD-C is our most compact piezo controller. It fits in the palm of your hand and can drive a single axis piezo stage. No bells and whistles, just a reliable controller with the basic functions you need. A great price-quality solution!

The XD-M is the more advanced piezo controller: Available in single axis (XD-M1), but possible to be daisy chained to create multi-axis systems. Also available as XD-M2, XD-M3 and XD-M6 version for multi-axis control with one controller.

The XD-M and XD-C are designed for the closed-loop control of Xeryon's ultrasonic piezo motors and stages.  All of our controllers come with a user-friendly Windows interface. They can also be controlled with one of our software libraries, which includes Python, Matlab, C++, LabVIEW, .... libraries.

If you are looking for an even more compact OEM solution, we offer just the PCB of our controller without housing. You need to go even smaller? For some of our customers the microcontroller with some periferal components is sufficient. Give us a shout if you want to discuss these options!

How to find the right piezoelectric controller.

Want to know more about the communication options for each controller? Click the overview below!

Overview of piezo controllers and drivers

All our plug-and-play piezo controllers & drivers

XD-C Piezo controller


Compact single axis piezo driver for ultrasonic piezo motors & stages.

XD-M Piezoelectric controller


Multi-axis piezo driver for ultrasonic piezo motors & stages.

XD-C Core piezo driver


Multi-axis rack mountable driver for ultrasonic piezo motors & stages.

XD-A Core OEM piezo controller

OEM Controller

Standalone device or can be clicked into a motherboard to control up to 16 stages.

XD-C Core piezo controller

XD-C Core (OEM)

Single axis driver for ultrasonic piezo motors & stages. The perfect OEM piezo controller if you know how to solder.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.